About us

Equilibrium Therapy was founded in the USA in 2016 and trained in Tucson, Arizona

We proudly offer our services to help the people of Leeds. Our clinic is at Leeds Complementary Therapy Center
so if you want to drop by to make an appointment or find out about our services, you can always do that.

We offer a fully licenced and insured sports massage therapy service and pride ourselves on thoroughly assessing your problems and coming up with a solution to the source of pain, not just a temporary fix of the symptoms.

What We Do

At Equilibrium Therapy, we offer everything you would expect from a fully licenced and insured sports massage therapy service. Whether it’s for relaxation, injury management rehab, we cover all specialties to give you the best treatment there is.

With our treatments, you can get back to being the very best version of yourself again.

We are proud to provide a high quality of treatment, health and wellness advice to all our patients. We always put your healing needs first with years of experience treating a wide range of patients. We will carefully assess you and create an individualised treatment regime and recovery plan that’s right for you.

Why Choose Us

1800 clinic hours trained



Excellent reviews

Successful American training

10 yrs + experience

Bespoke treatment

Client list includes professional athletes